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Unusual things to do in Vietnam

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

Ruins, beaches, rice terraces, spectacular landscapes and some of the most beguiling cities on earth can all be discovered within Vietnam's boundaries. It also has the crown for the world's cheapest beer for its locally brewed Bia Hoi that is freshly made every day and contains no preservatives.

But here is a list of some unusual activities to be done or witnessed in Vietnam.

Hanoi's Train Street

You may witness this unique spectacle twice a day as a speeding train passes only inches from the homes of this residential neighbourhood. Clothes which are kept to dry are carried inside, children hushed indoors, and bikes pulled to the side of the road just before the train speeds past, with just a couple feet of clearance at most on each side. Whereas in some places the train is mere inches from the buildings.

Tourists come here just to have a glimpse at this startling sight.

Fire-Breathing Dragon Bridge

The six lane bridge emulates the shape of the dragon in the Ly Dynasty. It serves as both a tourist attraction and a boon for economic growth. Not only is it a prime spot to observe the beauty of the Han River and the Dragon Bridge, but it also avoids the busy crowds located on the bridge. Sitting by the waterfront is an ideal spot to relax and watch the show.

B-52 Wreckage

This aircraft was shot down by a surface to air missile fired by the 72nd Battalion, 285th Air Defence Missile Regiment on 27 December 1972. The wreckage is part of a US Air Force B52, which crashed into this lake in downtown Hanoi. It is now surrounded by residential buildings.

Huu Tiep Lake is a twenty-minute walk west of the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum in the Ba Dinh district, just west of Hanoi’s Old Quarter which shall lead you to the memorial down a narrow street.

The Snake Village

This area just outside of Hanoi is where adventurous diners go to eat dishes made with with the slithery reptiles and is also known as Le Mat Village

Snake is familiar and expected, a natural part of the diet for the locals but for the foreigners, it's perhaps the ultimate foodie thrill ride.

Perhaps it is a bit of an adventurous dining where live snakes are gutted before your very own eyes and then served back to you in several different ways.

You shall come across winding streets where the traveler can find a collection of restaurants advertising that snake is on the menu.

Now this village's expertise has turned into culinary finesse as both tourists and local businessmen flock to the village every night to get lit on snake shots and fill up on their guts.

Right after the size and type of snake is chosen by the diner, the living specimen is presented to him and the heart is removed, dropped instantly into a shot of blood and vodka and like they say the rest is history.

Clay Tunnel in Dalat

In the south of the beautiful city of Da Lat resides a unique sculpture park, where each model has been handcrafted from clay.

The house made of clay inside the Sculpture Tunnel has been recognised by the Vietnam Book of Records as The first unbaked red brick house with the most unique style, The roof has a map of Vietnam.

The sculptures are all made from basalt and dark red clay found in the central highlands of Vietnam. This one is absolutely on the top of unique tourist attractions around the world.

The Darahoa Rooster

A gigantic rooster is the main focal point of Darahoa, a small Southern Vietnamese village. The town is almost built around the statue, and the legend of the statue's origin represents the attitudes of the village. Darahoa is a mixed village community of two minority groups in Vietnam, the Chill and the K'Ho.

Aside from representing positive morals, the rooster also sits atop a water pump, that provides water for the entire village, sharing the wealth of the land and embracing people of all walks of life.

Ho Chi Minh Statue

The statue symbolises the lasting affection and respect Vietnamese have for their founding father, and is often used for photo-ops by tourists and locals alike.

The tallest statue of Ho Chi Minh in all of Vietnam is located in the city of Vinh in the Nghe An province, the birthplace of the man himself, and is not far from his hometown in Kim Lien.

The structure is made of around 200 tons of copper - coloured granite. Behind the statue is a jungle created from over 1,600 different species of plants and trees from all the different regions of Vietnam.

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