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Unique Things To Do In Switzerland

Some people refer to Switzerland as a “small village,” where most people are friendly, and they frequently greet each other. Many things define Switzerland as a country, from its traditional food, picturesque lakes, and many mountains to its people.

The quaint villages and ravishing Alpine scenery oozing storybook charm, it's hard to beat Switzerland. The glittering blue lakes, soaring snowcapped peaks of the Alps, emerald valleys, picturesque lakeside hamlets, glaciers imbibed in this landlocked nation with a fairy-tale beauty.

Explore this spectacular country with our list of Unique and Fun Things To Do In Switzerland

Harder Kulm Lookout – Interlaken

Harder Kulm is worth a visit when you are in Interlaken. You will not only see impressive mountains and lakes. If you are hungry, you can take a seat in the restaurant and enjoy the moment with a hearty meal.

Glacier Canyon Grindelwald

The Glacier Canyon was formed by the lower Grindelwald glacier, which over time carved its way through the rock in this area. Sadly the lower glacier no longer exists, but the canyon itself is now thriving as a popular destination for a unique sensory walk through its exposed rock galleries and tunnels. The rushing water cascades freely from the mountains into the Lütschine River below, sometimes causing a sudden rush of wind through the canyon and a rapid temperature flux as rays of light reflect along the steep walls.

Mountain Biking in Zermatt

With their heights between 1,400 m and 3,100 m, the mountains around Zermatt offer a wide range of trails.With a lot of flow or steep and technical or natural or graded. The choice of all-day mountain bike tours or short afternoon rides offers everything your heart desires.

Visit The Lindt Chocolate Factory in Zurich

A must-visit for chocolate lovers! There is an interactive exhibition dedicated to the sweet treat's history and production (unlimited chocolate tasting included), a café, a Lindt chocolate shop, a research facility for chocolate innovation, a space for chocolate-making classes, and a fully viewable production line.

Walk the Bridge of Lucerne

Lucerne's landmark is considered to be Europe's oldest covered bridge. It was built in the 14th century and was originally a part of the city fortifications. The pictorial panels, which were incorporated in the 17th century, contain scenes of Swiss history as well as the Lucerne's history.

Enjoy the Spa in Bad Ragaz

Bad Ragaz in the St. Gallen Rhine Valley at the foot of the Pizol has a long tradition as a health spa. Today it is a wellness resort with top-class hotels, thermal baths and golf courses. The warm healing waters bubble up from inside the mountain in the deep, mysterious Tamina Gorge in nearby Pfäfers.

Visit the Castles of Bellinzona

The Castles of Bellinzona are a group of fortifications located around the town of Bellinzona, the capital of the Swiss canton of Ticino. Situated on the Alpine foothills, the group is composed of fortified walls and three castles named Castelgrande, Montebello and Sasso Corbaro.

Pay Tribute to Freddie Mercury in Montreux

If you want peace of mind, come to Montreux”, said Freddie Mercury. As well as living in Montreux, he also recorded six albums there with Queen, including “Made in Heaven”. In memory of his presence, Freddie Mercury's bronze statue has stood on the lakeside promenade since 1996.

Enjoy Fondue in Gruyere

From these simple beginnings, fondue became a Swiss winter tradition. The first written recipes for fondue appear in 18th century cookbooks published in France and Belgium, however they call for Gruyère, a decidedly Swiss cheese, so the Swiss rightfully deserved credit as the originators of fondue.

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