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Michelin Star Restaurants

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

Top Michelin Star Restaurants around the world

Find your next fine dining delight!

When it comes to fine dining, you can’t surpass the best Michelin Star restaurants. In fact, every gourmet restaurant around the world one day aspires to earn their rightful place in Michelin’s influential guidebook. In culinary terms, it is an honour beyond all others – and proves that your level of cuisine and service are suitable for the most discerning food connoisseurs and the finest palates!

This glowing recognition was once reserved for the highest-class restaurants in Europe, mainly within France and London. But, in recent years, the Michelin Star standard has branched out all across the globe. More and more culinary chefs are delivering delectable appetisers and mouth-watering mains in the most exquisite and unique ways. And, as the global food standard is rising, so are the intrigued diners interested in sampling the latest delicacies.

So, whether you’re curious about the trendiest luxury dining delights or want to indulge in what’s tantalising the taste buds of the best food fanatics, below, you’ll find the top Michelin-starred restaurants around the world.

1. Central, Lima: the best value Michelin star restaurant

Located in the Miraflores in the Barranco District in Lima, the Peruvian capital, Central is the flagship restaurant of Virgilio Martínez Véliz.

Central’s 17-course taster menu is a treat for the senses. Using locally sourced ingredients, delicious flavours and innovative methods, Martínez combines his love for the planet with indigenous Peruvian ingredients, to create an intriguing menu. Through the exemplary dishes he creates, he takes guests on a journey across the rich biodiversity of Peru. He completely captures his love for his rainforest home with his cooking and it’s a delight both to see and to eat!

Considering the values of Central and what you get, it’s easily one of the best value Michelin star restaurants in the world!

2. Bon-Bon, Brussels: the best up Michelin star restaurant in Belgium

Belgium is definitely a food-lovers country. It’s known for its flavoursome craft beers, sweet waffles, double-dunked fries and, of course, rich, Belgian chocolate. Brussels is no stranger to high-end cuisine and has quite a few top Michelin-starred restaurants tucked away down its cobbled streets. A 15-minute drive from the centre of the city, Bon-Bon is a wonderful example of a delightful culinary experience.

Set in a beautiful location, the dining area flaunts a very stylish and elegant look as soon as you walk through the plush doors. It’s even more pleasant in warmer months, as their dining room expands onto a serene and summery garden terrace, which is lit with pretty lights in the evening. Perfect for a romantic date!

3. Atelier Crenn, San Francisco: the best Michelin star restaurant in California

Presenting incredibly elevated plates both in taste and presentation, Crenn pays meticulous attention to detail. Her take on French cuisine can only be described as ‘art’ and the restaurant’s signature dishes demand to be ordered. These include a geoduck tart with oyster and rosé or a feather-light brioche with fragrant butter. When you pair Crenn’s catering magic with San Francisco’s diversity and unique way of life and you’ll see why this is one of the best Michelin star restaurants in the world.

4. Le Bernardin, Manhattan: the best Michelin star restaurant in New York

For a classy and elegant, seafood dining experience worthy of three Michelin Stars, head over to Le Bernardin near Central Park in Manhattan. This is the only restaurant to maintain this level of distinctionof never dropping a star for more than three decades!

Serving several delightful tasting menus, Ripton splits his classic four courses into three sections – Almost Raw, Barely Touched and Lightly Cooked. Marrying succulent French flavours with an array of cultures including Asian and Greek cuisines, the food will dazzle you.

5. Mirazur, Menton: the best Michelin star restaurant in France

Located in Menton on the French Riviera with stunning views across the Mediterranean, Mirazur is most certainly food with a view! The multi-award-winning restaurant serves the freshest French dishes in its serene and romantic dining hall, complete with a mountain backdrop and superb terraced garden.

A lot of the ingredients are home-grown in Mirazur’s garden. This includes the fresh baby salad leaves and rare vegetables that make up his signature dishes: anchovies with fried skeletons and lemons; oysters with tapioca, shallot cream, and pear; and salt-crusted beetroot with caviar cream. This gem is not to be missed!!!!

6. The Fat Duck, Bray: the best Michelin star restaurant in the United Kingdom.

The mind boggling menu takes you on a sensory adventure through childhood memories, daydreams and lovely holiday surprises, all from the comfort of a rustic,16th century renovated cottage.

Established in 1995, it didn’t take The Fat Duck long to rise to culinary fame. As one of the only five restaurants in the UK to receive this level of recognition, the three-star venue is well deserved. Mostly known for its 14 or 17-course tasting menus, the mixture of unexpected flavours works shockingly well. Prepare yourself to feast on delights like the hay-smoked veal sweetbread, the turtle soup, themed around Alice in Wonderland, the mushroom truffle log, or the treats from the custom-built doll’s house! With innovation beyond all possible realms, Heston has certainly earned The Fat Duck the title of Michelin three-star restaurant.

7. Den, Tokyo: the best Michelin star restaurant in Japan

Japan has one of the most revolutionary culinary scenes in the world, with people flocking from all over the globe to sample the country’s delights. There’s so much more to Japan than sushi; chefs put so much attention to detail, care and passion into every morsel, what you are left with is some of the simplest but most outstanding flavours. Across the whole of Tokyo, there are 217 Michelin-starred restaurants in total, which is more than any other city in the world. Plus, there are 11 restaurants in Tokyo all earning three-stars in 2020. But, if you have to visit just one top Michelin star restaurant in Tokyo, take a trip to Den.

Expect to be greeted with a hug, given everything you need by the warm, smiling staff, and leave with full bellies and a challenged perception of what ingredients make a great meal!

8. Noma, Copenhagen: the best Michelin star restaurant in Denmark

Copenhagen’s Noma is a gastronomic delight. Head chef René Redzepi literally revolutionised Nordic cuisine by foraging through the land’s unique flavours and using un-thought of ingredients.

Today, guests who visit Noma will be served a combination of peculiar dishes from their 20-piece tasting menu, which is based on the given season. Having explored every possible method of cooking and plating the food, you can expect to eat some interesting things. For example, soup inside a potted plant, seaweed foraged from beaches around Copenhagen or a pancake made from mouldy barley. This is created in Noma’s ‘fermented kitchen’, in the same Japanese style that creates soy sauce or miso.

9. Attica: the best Michelin star restaurant in Australia

Featuring authentic Australian ingredients such as lemon myrtle, pepperberry and desert oak wattle seeds, the food takes diners through a poetic sequence of stunning dishes. Prepare to dine on a higher plane at this dazzling outback-inspired eatery. The outstanding food will be matched with the perfect wine pairing and service par excellence, making this one of the top Michelin star restaurants in the world.

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