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A touch of Thai

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

Thai cuisine is a regional style of cooking based on herbs, spices and flavourings from Asia and the Western world. Thai food is known for its use of hot chilies, lemongrass, ginger and coconut milk.

Thai cuisine draws inspiration from its country of origin, and varies widely according to the regional variations of Thai culture. The northern region of Thailand is well known for its use of hot curries and spicy-hot seasonings such as bird's eye or red chili peppers, resulting in dishes such as gài tôrt sòow (Thai beef noodles), kôw nám mày rĕh (spicy dumplings), and kôw pàt (pandan chicken). In the central region, southern Thailand features more mild-flavored foods with a heavy emphasis on seafood. Southern Thai cuisine also incorporates influences from Indian and Sri Lankan cuisines due to the large numbers of ethnic Indian community residing in this part of Thailand.

A thai entree can be bursting with flavors, but if you drench your plate in sauce, your meal will lose its punch. The balance between sweet and spicy is key in thai food and gives the cuisine its distinct flavor.


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