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Where to go and what to see in Goa: A State on Holiday!

If there is one place you can go to in India where you can relax from the moment you step in, that’s Goa. The airport: Never has an airport look more “ On Holiday”, of course, it doesn’t reflect the security standards at the airport, but it just means that all the people who are in the airport from tourists to the locals who work there are cheerful calm and look so well rested!

Once that’s done you will need to take a cab to the hotel you are staying at. Cabs are pretty standard with most having good interiors. Once the laid-back driver drops you off at your hotel (which I assume is sea-facing! Or at least close to a beach) you can get into the unwind process. The first thing you find is a refrigerator in the hotel and a great view from the balcony.

South Goa

Let us start from the South of Goa and move slowly to the North. The South of Goa is basically a small town and its surroundings are about the same. Quiet, calm, and peaceful, south Goa is the best place to go to in Goa if you are looking for a private, noise-free beach vacation. Carmona, Varca, and Palolem are the best beaches on this side of Goa with powdery soft sand with almost private looking beaches due to the lack of people around. But don’t be fooled by the scarcity of hustle and bustle, these still are great beach locations with a more refined albeit older crowd that just wants to sunbathe in silence

As for the sight to see and things to do, you can go for dolphin sightings at Colva, can view some magnificent churches in Agonda, along with other Portuguese architecture, Samdarshi’s mediation Ashram, also Yogamea Yoga School where you can center yourself. And of course, fresh seafood and water sports are available at all the said beaches and nearby restaurants. Moonlight parties are also great if you are into night-outs.

Palolem Beach

Let us now move to the center of Goa to Margao and Panjim. As you drive from South Goa to the North you notice activity picks up, there is more traffic and it gets more lively! You see many famous churches and temples and art by famous Goa artist Mario Miranda on the walls of a few places too!

Figure 4: Portuguese Church

Once you get to Margao you can sight see the Devdasi temples which have been there for centuries! Being an essential part of Goa’s culture and heritage. Once you get to the city center you will come across great eating joints with a more urban crowd and great food and in some cases even live music. This is the best place to catch up with friends in groups. Some of the churches on the way too here have been used several times in movies.

North Goa

Now for the best for last! Once you move past Panjim you will come across the Naval Aviation Museum in goa which is a treat for anyone interested in Military aircraft, but not before you drive past the famous Birla Institute of technology and Sciences (BITS) which is a branch of BITS, Pilani. You can also stop by Bogmalo Beach for a nice Sunny beach surrounded by hillside.

Anjuna Flea Market

Next, you will come across the golden grail of all beaches: Anjuna, Baga, and Calangute- these are the most happening places to be in Goa with awesome nightlife (Yes! They have discos), and even places to gamble – a Casino I mean. Some of these are even on a ship docked in the ocean.

The Wine flows freely here (Liquor isn't taxed in Goa, same with fuel also) along with the attractive company, from all walks of life and all parts of the world. You can most probably even find the girlfriend you’ve been looking for. If not Miss(or Mr) Right, at least Miss Right Now will be within your reach! Eat your heart out here with the fresh seafood available, take long walks on the beach with a beer in hand or scour the Anjuna Flea market for something you may like. This is the best place to find all three necessities of life for a man- Great Food, Good Wine and great women! So… Come to Goa… go back relaxed!

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